Day 1 of our expedition, we observe the majestic mer-shark. Above average characteristics all around makes them a dominant species in the ocean depths. However, the lack of buttocks makes them slightly less meatier than others.
 Expedition day 3, The Reverse Mer-Shark is statistically superior to the regular Mer-Shark. They possess blistering speeds due to their four, powerful limbs, and are slightly more meaty. This species does not skip leg day
 Day 3, a wild Swole Mer-Shark appears! The Swole Mer-Shark is the fastest in family and the meatiest. 90% of their brain is also used as muscle mass, which makes them extremely simple minded and impersonal. This merfolk definitely skips leg day, since they only have fins. 
 day 4, a pod of mer-walruses blocks the way! These creatures are simple minded and are practically immobile due to their meatiness. While they may prevent you from getting past, their legendary friendliness will keep you content!
 Day 5, the elusive mer-eel has appeared! This merfolk is often misunderstood and considering a lurching, creepy fish. In reality, they just lack the social cues to appropirately ask for directions
 Day 6 and we have encountered the Mer-Dolphin! This merfolk is a dick. Avoid 
 Day 7, a Blue Mer-whale has drifted towards us! No-one really knows why the mer-whale floats upside down. Some say it is an incomprehensible, more efficient breathing technique. Others say they are idiotic; But most just don't care 
 day 8, the peculiar Atlantic Mer-Salmon has appeared! Also known as, Fish. The Mer-Salmon technically isn't a merfolk, but it seems they've dressed the part to fit in with the others. Social pressures 
 Day 9, and we have been blessed by the presence of the Mer-Sponge. This merfolk is phyisically and mentally superior to all other kinds of merfolk 
 Day 10, a Mer-Mola Sunfish has floated towards us. The Mer-Mola is a physically superior species compared to its non, merfolk family; faster, friendlier and meatier. Their smarts, however, seem to stay at the same level
 day 10, we bumped into a mer-orca during our travels. This merfolk is a mega dick. More than the mer-dolphin. Avoid 
 Day 11, we've bumped into the docile Mer-Stargazer Fish. This merfolk is in a constant state of meditation....or observation....or isn't thinking anything at all. Let's move on
 day 12, we are greeted by a Mer-Nautilus boi 🐙 This hard shelled merfolk is very friendly and quite fast at the cost of meatiness 
 day 13, an encounter with the Hammer-Mer-Shark. Fairly similar statistics to their non- hammer headed family, this merfolk is much more flexible, giving them extra speed but less meatiness
 day 14, our merfolk exploration is interrupted by Walter Rey Jr, the half walrus, half stingray boi. It seems he wanted to be a merfolk, but he definitely missed the mark 🐙🦈 Maybe next time, Walter! 
 day 16, a rare encounter with the Puffer-Lord 🐙 This merfolk is a demigod to all pufferfish, and can stay inflated for as long as it wishes. It would be best not to anger this being
 day 47, an encounter with the burly Mer-Goby Fish. This merfolk is an unstoppable force, but lacks focus without their trusty partner, Pistol Shrimp. The two are inseparable, so Shrimp must be nearby... 
 Day 56, as expected we find the Mer-Pistol Shrimp nearby. This merfolk has a symbiotic relationship with the Mer-Goby fish; Shrimp does all the talking while Goby does all the lifting. An incredible duo!
 day 69, looks like the Mer-Mako Shark was a bit too fast for us! This merfolk is one of the fastest in the ocean, and is frequently seen competing with the reverse mer-shark. 
 Day 93, an encounter with the Mer-Shark SubMersible. Cutting edge merfolk technology that alows them to travel to areas they normally can't 
 Day 148, the enigmatic Mer-tail. Part tail, part tail, this merfolk is shrouded in mystery. If it was capable of speech and wasn't always flipping about, perhaps we would know more about this fascinating creature
 day 756, a run in with the Big Boi Mer-Shark! This merfolk has a big heart, and it's attempt at a hug can often be misinterpreted
 day 976, the friendly mer-nudibranch wriggles towards us! This merfolk is very friendly and approachable, but careful not to get too close; contact with their toxic skin can make you sick!
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