The Vampire Shark wears red so they can be spotted more easily in the dark. Since they can only come out at night, it can be hard for them to find friends without it.
 The zombie shark surfaces as the chill october winds approach. They roam the land for a warm cup of cocoa, as their graves can get pretty chilly. So misunderstood!
 The shark waited for him to come, and waited and waited and waited. Now, the ghost shark waits for anyone to come and join her... 
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 Wandering the halls endlessly alone, the ghost shark continued to wonder why no visitors came to play. Perhaps it was too dark to see the newly renovated carpet.
 The Devil Shark has trouble making friends because it dislikes eating chocolate. So difficult! 
 Dr. Franken-shark's monster finally came to life. From now on, he will never again ride his tandem bike alone! 
 No-one really knows the real face behind the mask of Sharky Voorhees. Some even question if he really is a shark. 
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